Rural Councillor
The Rural Councillor is the official publication of SARM and the Rural Municipal Administrator’s Association of Saskatchewan (RMAA).  It is published quarterly and distributed to all reeves, councillors, administrators, MLAs, government departments, and subscribers.

The magazine gives an in-depth look at the issues the Association is working on, and those facing rural Saskatchewan.  Regular contributors include SARM Board and staff, the RMAA, Provincial Ministers, Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers, the Agriculture Health and Safety Network, and more!

The Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities is the independent association that represents rural municipal government in Saskatchewan and is the principal advocate in representing them before senior governments.

Tools, Guides, and Resources for Municipalities
Find information on many topics including licensing, council procedures and responsibilities, and the Municipal Information Dataportal along with many more important topics.
The Saskatchewan Gazette
The Saskatchewan Gazette is published weekly in three parts: Part I contains official government notices, orders in council, and those private notices required to be published by statute. Parts II and III contain the official versions of regulations as enacted.