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Heritage Property
Saskatchewan has 40 Provincial Heritage Properties and about 750 Municipal Heritage Properties. All properties listed below are or were Municipal Heritage Properties at one time. More information may be possible by visiting the Heritage Saskatchewan web site.

  • Pheasant Forks Heritage SiteThe Pheasant Forks Church and School is a Municipal Heritage Property located in the Rural Municipality of McLeod, approximately 9 kilometres north of the Town of Lemberg. Located on landscaped grounds, the property features a one-and-a-half storey brick school building. In Pheasant Forks the site consists of a school and a church. The church (originally called the Zion Methodist Church or Pheasant Forks Church) was constructed in 1905 by Primitive Methodist Colonists and remained in service until 1963. The four room school was constructed in 1920.


  • Weissenberg School Constructed in 1900 the one room school was the first separate (Catholic public school) in Saskatchewan. The school remained in service until 1964. It was originally called the Weissenberg Roman Catholic Public School; Weissenberg Separate School; and eventually the Weissenberg Teacherage. Weissenberg School is a Municipal Heritage Property located less than one kilometre east of the Village of Lemberg within the Rural Municipality of McLeod No. 185. The property features a one-storey fieldstone school with a wooden porch situated on a small grassy field.


  • Zion Lutheran Church – Constructed in 1892, the church remained in active service until June 1964. Since that time a historical service is held each June.Zion Lutheran Church is a Municipal Heritage Property located approximately three kilometres southwest of the Village of Neudorf in the Rural Municipality of McLeod No. 185. Situated on a groomed, grassy parcel of land, the property features a wood-frame church constructed in 1896, a small wood-frame schoolhouse built in 1900, and a cairn.


  • The Motherwell Homestead is a National Historic Site of Canada located just south of the community of Abernethy, Saskatchewan. The site commemorates the life and achievements of William Richard Motherwell, Saskatchewan’s first minister of agriculture and federal minister of agriculture for the Mackenzie King government.The homestead’s fieldstone house, called Lanark Place after Motherwell’s previous Ontario home, is modelled after similar farmsteads built in Ontario. The homestead is surrounded by a shelter belt. The 3.59 hectares farmstead, in addition to the main house, includes fields defined by fences and shelter belt shrub and tree lines, and agricultural buildings.

  • Motherwell barn (1907). Visitors to the park are immersed in 1907 agriculture. The Motherwell house, barn and outbuildings have been restored to their 1907 appearance. Employees at the park dress in period clothing. During operational months (May 21 to September 1), livestock, including hogs, cows, and chickens, are on site. The Friends of the Motherwell Homestead operate a restaurant and gift shop on site.